Shower Power Gel 750ml

  • No Scrubbing Or Scraping
  • Cleans, Revives & Protects
  • Tough Grease & Grime Vanish In Seconds


Product Description

  • NO SCRUBBING OR SCRAPING: Shower Power Gel dissolves soap scum, calcium build-up and water stains in no time, so no need for the elbow grease.
  • CLEANS, REVIVES & PROTECTS!: Not only will it clean the surface, it’ll help to revive your bathroom and restore its sparkle.
  • TOUGH GREASE & GRIME VANISH IN SECONDS!: Simply spray onto the surface and watch as the soap scum breaks down effortlessly.
  • NO HARSH CHEMICALS & FUMES: Shower Power Gel is safe for people with allergies and a sensitive smell, so there is no need to use mask or gloves.
  • NATURAL & ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Contains natural plant ingredients & extracts that won’t disrupt or damage the eco system/environment.

Get sparkling clean showers with OzKleen Shower Power Gel! This environmentally friendly bathroom cleaner actually works and is specially designed to dissolve grime, grease and soap scum without leaving streaks. Shower Power Gel clings to the surface for maximum results! Made only with natural ingredients, including organic fragrance extracts that not only smell great but don’t contain any of the nasties such as ammonia and phosphates. Shower Power Gel safely degreases stainless steel, chrome, tile and glass so it can be used safely around people with allergies and are sensitive to strong smells. It’s also safe to be used in households with a septic system.


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